Question 1
Which 19th century African American was suggested as a candidate for vice president on the republican ticket?
John Mercer Langston
Henry Highland Garnett
Toussaint L'Ouverture
Martin Delaney

Question 2
Who was the first African American woman to work as the editor of a newpaper in North America?
Sojurner Truth
Mary Ann Shadd
Harriet Tubman
Mary Church Terrell

Question 3
Who said, "if the Republican Party is not anti-slavery enough, take hold of it and make it so?"
Sojourner Truth
Mary Ann Shadd
John Mercer Langston
Mary Church Terrell

Question 4
What 19th century African American traveled to England and encouraged a world wide boycott of cotton?
Granville T. Woods
Frederick Douglass
Robert B. Elliot
Henry Highland Garnett

Question 5
Who was the first woman to speak at the National Negro Covention in 1855?
Mary Ann Shadd
Sojourner Truth
Marion Wright Edelmen
Mary Church Terrell

Question 6
What was the name of the newspaper founded by Mary Ann Shadd?
Provincial Freeman
Canadian Times
Wall Street Journal
The Shadd Weekly

Question 7
How much did Richard Allen pay to purchase his freedom from slavery?

Question 8
John Mercer Langston was responsible for:
A - Organizing political clubs
B - The recruitment of soldiers during the Civil War
A and B

Question 9
John Mercer Langston spoke at the 1848 National Black Convention on the subject of:
The Black Codes
The American Legal system
Aid to fugitive slaves

Question 10
Why did Henry Highland Garnett encourage a worldwide boycott of cotton?
He knew that if the market for cotton collapsed, then slavery would collapse.
He wanted to get into the cotton business.
He wanted to drive cotton prices up.
Cotton was king.