What we do

We are a service for restaurants to keep online menus up date.

Time is money and if it takes more than two minutes to make a simple change to your online menu you should keep reading.

Menu Control

The "meat and potatoes" (pun intented) of SetUp.Menu is the Menu Control panel. Menu Control gives you complete and instant control of your online menu. From the Menu Control panel you can edit everything on your menu. Change anything that's got a (item name, description, price and image). You can even make a single item or an entire section active or inactive by simply clicking Active or Inactive. Change the order of your menu by simply dragging it with your mouse.

Website Developers

We help with the menu only. After you setup the menu we provide you with the links to put on your customers website to link to SetUp.Menu's output. You can give your restaraunt clients a simple interface to keep online menus up to date and let them make changes themselves. Your clients will see you more like a partner than a vendor.

Restaraunt Operators

Direct control of your online menus. No delays in updating your online menu.


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